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All of our blog posts, right from the very beginning

13/November/2017, North Korea.


North Korea: A Peak Behind the Modern-day Iron Curtain

It's fair to say a summer holiday in North Korea isn't everybody's cup of tea. It's... unconv...

18/June/2017, Kyrgyzstan.


Curse of the Lakes II: Stood up at the mosque

After realising that the snow was settling in for the winter over the Kyrgyz high...

31/May/2017, Indonesia.


Indecipherable Indonesia

It's almost time for us to leave Indonesia, and as much as we are craving readily avail...

17/May/2017, Kyrgyzstan.


Curse of the Lakes I: Let it snow

Tourists, backpackers, hikers, armchair travellers, nomads, campers, hipp...

24/April/2017, Timor-Leste.


Atauro in Coral, Guns and Fishing Boats

On an island where favours carry more monetary value amongst locals than legal...

04/April/2017, Uzbekistan.


Kungrad in Smugglers, Pleas and the Aral sea

It was clear from the border that Uzbekistan was going to be a lot of... cha...

06/March/2017, Kazakhstan.


The Kazakh Seaside in Beautiful, Banks and entering our First 'Stan'

Kazakhstan might just be the greatest country in the world. In fact, I would...

22/February/2017, Azerbaijan.


Camping in Azerbaijan: The Azeri mountaian villages

Azerbaijan is a really interesting place full of quirky characters and untouc...

17/February/2017, Azerbaijan.


Back to Baku for Tea, Jam and Our Visa Man

Azerbaijan. The country that confuses UK Eurovision fans every year and reminds J...

25/January/2017, Georgia.


Georgia in Sulphur Baths and Dancing Grandmas

Hola friends! This blog post has it all, from dancing grandmas to Dunkin' Donuts...

31/December/2016, India.


UpRouted's Christmas Address 2016

Merry Christmas friends! You were all supposed to get Christmas cards, honest...

29/December/2016, Georgia.


Svaneti in Hiking Chums and Scavenging for Crumbs

Stunning, untouched Mazeri, tucked away in the heart of Svaneti, felt like a very pure pla...

18/November/2016, Georgia.


From Sweet Figs to Stalin's Digs: Crossing the border from Turkey to Georgia

All land borders were not created equal. Some are sketchy. Some are slow. Some like to m...

27/October/2016, Turkey.


Cappadocia in Balloons, Abandoned Caves and Martian Planes

The other-wordly Cappadocia makes for a great sci-fi film set. And a great place to spe...

24/October/2016, Turkey.


Istanbul in Bazaars, Muezzin Cries and Plenty of Çay

Hello friends, it's been a while! The 'Stans' have kept us busy this month so even thou...

28/September/2016, Bulgaria.


The Month of City Breaks, Fine Wine and Not One Airline

One month and 10 countries later, Burgas, Bulgaria was destined to be the final stop...

22/September/2016, Romania.


The Realm of Full Moons, Transylvania and Dictator-Mania

Hello friends! According to the full moon I can see from our train to Baku, Azerbaijan its be...

12/September/2016, Moldova.


Moldova in Illegal Entry Dates and Breakaway States

Where is Moldova? The board game of the same name chose this title for a rea...

31/August/2016, Ukraine.


Ukraine in Mix-ups, Extra miles & Stone Faced Smiles

Welcome to the Former Soviet Republic of Ukraine, where the train stations are gr...

21/August/2016, Slovakia.


Slovakia in Mountains, Trains and Entering Ukraine

Leaving Bratislava meant we were now free agents. Being spontaneous came at a pri...

14/August/2016, Austria.


The Long Weekend of Pizza, Aching Limbs and Sunset Swims

Dobrý deň, priatelia! We interrupt our journey east to fulfil one of our trip bucketlist...

07/August/2016, Germany.


The Cities of Beer, Camping Firsts & Currywurst

Guten tag amigos! Another blog post, another couple of countries under our belt, starting...

31/July/2016, France.


Paris in Bikes, Cheese & Boulangeries

We've been on the road for a little over a week now, are four countries down the line and...

22/July/2016, UK.


Pre-departure Checks (TEST/PRACTISE POST)

Our very first blog post and we haven't even left yet!

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