Just a little bit of extra information to help you get to know us better.

Name: Brianna Mills
Choose to travel for: The unpredictability of each new day.
Country would most like to go back to: Colombia.
Top of my current wish list: Stumble across a tiger in Bangladesh (from a distance).
Best place to see the sunrise: The summit of Mount Kenya - absolutely freezing but worth it!

Name: Alexander Booth
Choose to travel for: The food. I like to eat my way around the globe!
Favourite country visited so far: Peru.
Top of my current wish list: Drive a 4x4 along the Pamir highway.
Best burger ever eaten: The Ruben-topped burger at the Grand Trunk Pub, Detroit, USA.

Name: Chedder
Favourite culinary destination: Paris of course, all the scrumptious cheese, pate and wine you can eat.
Smelliest travel destination: Antarctica - penguins could learn a thing or two about personal grooming from us mice! (Yes I have been to Antarctica).
What I like to do when I’m not travelling: Wining and dining with my more sophisticated friends and keeping Brianna from making a fool of herself (well, as well as I can). Basically enjoying the finer things in life that my travelling compadres don't care for as much!