Lockdown turned us into self-titled local cycle experts. If you don’t believe me, check out this blog. These are ideas for cycles in and around Brighton that you can do in a day, ranging from the short and sweet to the long and leg -hurty. We’ll also throw in some top tips for cycling around the south coast because we’re kind like that.

Top tips for Cycling around Brighton

ditchling beacon

Check the wind speed and direction

Wind is everything in Brighton. There is nowhere else in the UK where your plans can change so much based on the wind. You see the day trippers coming in their swimwear thinking ‘God, its stifling in London, bet the beach is glorious right about now’. Soon enough they’re shivering on the seafront getting blown to pieces, gripping on to their fish n chips for dear life, before retreating into The Laines for some shelter.

Know your cycle paths

Not all Brighton cycle paths are created equal. Some are hidden, almost like the council doesn’t want you to take them. Some are confusing, involving cycling up the road the wrong way. Some are kind of genius, but mean you’re permanently in bus lanes at war with bus drivers. And some are just so shit they’re just not worth the hassle.