Maybe it’s because we come from a lonely little Island, but to us there’s something quite special about casually walking, cycling or train-ing over an invisible line into an entirely new country. From making friends with border guards at passport control to getting your head round baffling visa regulations, it’s an unforgettable moment of any trip. Here our some of our favourite land border crossings, plus the wild and wacky experiences that went along with them…

1. Dandong, China, to Pyongyang, DPRK, by train

2. Oecusse, Timor Leste, to Kupang, Indonesia by foot

4. Puno to La Paz

5. Mozambique to Eswantini

7. Stelvio Pass

8. Ukraine/Transnitria/Moldova

Korakoram highway from Kashgar to Kyrgyzstan

9. Ireland to Northern Ireland